2014; The Begining

Posted on 02/09/14 No Comments

Well here we are, only six weeks in to 2014 and already it’s shaping up to a be a hectic and successful year.

January, traditionally on of the quietest months of the year has seen our sales up 140%  on this same time last year.  Now in some part we can thank the weather for some of this, no snow to struggle with, but that certainly doesn’t account for such a huge increase on last year.  A massive amount of hard work has been done by all of the Backyard team over the past 12 months and this increase is the result.  February stands to repeat Januarys success with a planned 21 brews for this month, a massive 60500 pints.  Here’s hoping we can keep up this momentum for the rest of the year.

Part of this increase has been due to the success of our bottled beers.  We have teamed up with Holdens Brewery and Sadlers ales to begin stocking the One Stop chain of local convenience stores.  They have been keen to but together a promotion to help support local breweries and, early indications are that it is proving highly successful, with the rumour being that it will shortly be rolled out to their entire chain of over 100 stores.

And just to complete this early run of good form;  This week we have collected another award for trophy cabinet (should we ever make one!).  Our Rather wonderful bottled 5% IPA has picked up a bronze award at the Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2014.

So, lets raise a bottle and say; Here’s to a fantastic 2014!